Build faster, without servers

A web application framework for development teams

No infrastructure to manage and no development environments to setup.

Start with our pre-built application templates — or build your own.

How does it work?

Select an application template as a starting point for your new project, deploy it in seconds, and start customising in your browser.

What can I build?

Pretty much anything! Rappsio is a framework in the cloud, so anything you can build with other frameworks like RoR, Laravel, Yii, Django — you can build in Rappsio.

How do I write code?

You can write code in Javascript that executes on the server or client side. You have access to a feature rich framework and 100's of existing libraries.

Where does the code run?

You don't need to worry about maintaining server infrastructure or deploying code. Rappsio provides a highly scalable and secure environment to run your development and production applications.

How do I build faster?

Build database models, validation rules and security policies — without writing any code.

Contextual development allows you to edit markup, styling and code from within your application.

How much does it cost?

It's free to build! There is no cost for developers to build their applications.

When an application is launched to production, resource based hosting charges apply — similar to Amazon Web Services.