Powerful features help everyone in the team build quickly and collaborate seamlessly.

Software Packages & Configuration

Increase your productivity and write less code

Rappsio’s revolutionary configuration system with its flexible customisation, gives the whole team control over functionality.

Finally teams can work the way they have always wanted. Rappsio’s unique cloud based version control system provides easy and truly agile collaboration, combined with the assurance of an easy roll back or upgrade, for complete control and peace of mind.

Assemble fast with packages

Leverage prebuilt, highly configurable packages or build your own and reuse for multiple projects. Rappsio makes customisation easy and straightforward.

Integrate and connect services

jQuery and Bootstrap are baked in by default. Need a library? Rappsio has it. Need to connect a service or API? Not a problem. Rappsio provides all your favourite tools to help you do what you want to, fast.

Marketplace and exchange

Quickly find the package or service you need. Contribute to the community and provide your own, for love or profit.

Dependency management 
made easy

Rappsio ensures you don’t get caught out. Our dependency management system is straightforward and easy to understand.

Code only to solve new and interesting problems

When configuration isn't enough, you can achieve anything with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Database backend supports JSON queries for more advanced queries.

Infrastructure setup & support

Get up and running in seconds

Setup and deployment take only a few clicks. Deploy a new database or deploy different versions of your application for development, testing and production in minutes, if not seconds.

Auto scale without lifting a finger

Rappsio was designed for scalability, up and down. We look after infrastructure so don’t worry about hitting server limits, maintenance and updates. Put your energy into creating a great experience for your users, and we’ll make sure they get it.

Use your domain with ease

Bring your own domain to seamlessly host your website or application in no time at all. We make the process sys admin free!

Feel secure

With infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services feel assured that your application and user data is safe and protected. SSL support is included by default.


We take responsibility to care for your data with regular snapshots and redundant data storage. One click to download backups to your own server for peace of mind.

Automation that's almost AI

Caching, bulk emails, backgrounds tasks, REST APIs. Rappsio’s built in toolset provides feature rich functionality, for superior application performance.

Testing and QA for the 21st Century

Not only are we planning to make creating unit tests as easy as configuring a package or component, Rappsio is also planning tools that feed back real world data, so teams can hone the most exceptional application experiences.

Data design & platform

Database models made easy

Use our point and click designer to quickly configure database models with validation rules, events, custom server actions and much more.

Version control in the cloud

Rappsio makes roll back or upgrading straightforward with our unique version 
control, that’s built right into the package management system.

Powerful, dynamic security policies

Get a bird’s eye view perspective on your application's security structure. Rappsio centrally manages application security procedures, making it straightforward to focus in on the rules you want to inherit, turn on / off, or customise for maximum flexibility.

Data you can use

Good quality data is the core of a successful web application. Rappsio’s management and reporting tools make it a pleasure to get the information and insights you need. Database backend supports JSON queries for more advanced queries.

Content design & management

All the tools you love

Rappsio leverages the power of the world's best open source libraries, styling frameworks and tools. jQuery and Bootstrap are even baked in by default so you can hit the ground running.

Themes and Templates

A wide variety of themes are available out of the box, or build your own. Theme inheritance increases productivity and allows for rapid transformation of whole applications.


Spent hours struggling with Wordpress plugins? You’ll love widgets. Utilise a large range of configurable widgets or quickly build your own. Use HTML, CSS and Javascript to smoothly modify requirements.

Make your prototype, version one of you final app

Create wireframes in bootstrap and integrate with the back end, make iteration truly rapid and streamlined all in the browser.

Team collaboration

Transparency and collaboration 
are baked in

When everyone is creating and building in Rappsio, you are all part of the process, in the same place. You can try new ideas quickly, safely. Rappsio enables you to do more of what you love and less of the rest. Get ready to learn more and have fun again.

Collaborate without hassle

Ensure team members only access what they need. Invite collaborators with ease. Enjoy smooth signup and login processes, right out of the box.

Developers can finally focus

By looking after infrastructure and making it super streamlined to build out core functionality, Rappsio allows you to focus your time where it counts developing new features and functionality. Spend more time building and less time maintaining.


Rappsio empowers you to create extraordinary work beyond your skillset. Trial and test your ideas right in the browser. Communicate your ideas more effectively. Iterate faster. We know you wish you could do more, now you can.

Project and Business Owners

Spend less time managing and more time delivering. Rappsio streamlines workflow, makes maintenance straightforward and empowers you and your team to do and deliver more. Get to yes, faster.


Have your specifications AND expectations met. Enjoy working cohesively with your vendors on software that is low risk, low maintenance, and has clear ongoing and reasonable costs. Experience a world class solution that allows you transparency without being locked in.


No matter what your area of expertise, we understand you get asked, are expected, and want, to do more. Rappsio’s configuration system and UI empowers you to do more with less, so you get the job done faster and upskill in the process. Work effectively with other vendors. Become a team with a common goal, that educates and problem solves together. Learn and become greater than the sum of your skillset.