Great response from the US

10 May 2017

I’ve spent the last month travelling around the United States attending technology conferences to have conversations with developers and agencies. Being Australian, it’s essential to invest the time in order to understand the innovative landscape of the world’s largest technology market.

First reactions

The conversations in the United States have been very promising and informative. Here are some first reactions from developers at the Collision conference in New Orleans:

The increased competitiveness and high salaries for software engineers makes Rappsio a compelling value proposition. Agencies need to increase the efficiency of their development teams, while eliminating the overhead of infrastructure management which in turn streamlines their business.

The ability to rapidly build a database and start data entry for rapid prototyping solutions for clients really resonates with agencies While, the ability to create re-usable application templates is attractive to businesses looking to white label a SaaS product or repeatedly deploy many similar applications in a given industry vertical.

Next up is Salt Lake City, which has a thriving technology ecosystem and lastly San Francisco.


FEDC — Saint Petersburg
Generate — New York
Collision — NOLA
Posted by Chris