Welcome to Rappsio

15 Oct 2015

Welcome to Rappsio. Rather than write a standard blog this is a bit of a retrospective about how Rappsio has come to life.

I’m Chris, and the founder here. I’ve been developing web applications for close to two decades, and have recently developed CRM solutions for more than 50 organisations across Australia.

This experience has shown me is that there’s a long way to go with development tools. Sure, we’ve come a long way. I started working with Perl CGI scripts and now have access to a wide range of modern web languages, libraries, APIs, standards and frameworks.

But the development process hasn’t come along for the ride. Building and maintaining applications is still really complicated and time consuming! The complication increases project risk and cost, reduces flexibility and increases the time it takes to you to do the work.

When developing an application from scratch, you have to deal with hosting and maintaining web servers, database servers, caching, backups, patches… The list goes on.

If you happen to have multiple customers with their own custom apps, excellent version and deployment control becomes mission critical.

Surely this could all be made much simpler? It can’t be this hard forever, right?

So I have been playing with solutions to these problems, and the result is Rappsio. Initially it was built to solve my own problems. Something that offers the simple data schema design offered by a CRM, design and themes like Wordpress, with powerful package management like composer.

But all without compromise. I want to be able to go into the code and customise one small part of a theme, tweak a searching algorithm here or add a whole new piece of functionality when required.

Beyond this, I don’t care where it’s hosted, so long as it’s fast, affordable, and can scale as I need it.

The platform is still under development, but agencies and developers are already requesting access and training. Agencies see the benefits in upskilling developers’ existing skills, putting everything in one place, and removing the horrible infrastructure and project management difficulties that persist in the background.

If you want to be one of these early adopters, and want to help us shape Rappsio so that it continues to solve problems for people like you, you can.

Register now for an invite and help us make something truly remarkable.

Header image courtesy of Strelka Institute photo

Posted by Chris